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Want to grow your business? Move Forward Quickly?
Accelerate your CEO skills? Train your top executive?
Build your Team? Increase your company’s customer base?
Improve staff morale?

Let our Founder/President Success Coach
Karen (KC) Christensen
and her team help you do so.

"I hired KC as my PR Consultant, Business Coach and Publicist. Working with KC is like having a whole staff! She never fails to show up with a big smile and a ton of new ideas. She is responsible, creative, lots of fun and the hardest worker I have ever seen! Not only has KC helped me to grow my business but she also has consistently gone far above and beyond the call of duty to explore new options and ideas for me and my business. If all that isn’t enough, KC keeps me on task. She is always respectful and works with me as a team, sharing her insights and opinions yet always responding to my wishes and ideas. She has become indispensable to my career and to me as a person and I am thrilled to be working with her!"

Dr Denise Lamothe, Clinical Psychologist, Dr of Holistic Health; Author: The Taming of the Chew & The Appetite Connection


“I whole-heartedly and fully recommend KC! As a business owner I faced challenges from employees, clients and my own leadership development issues. KC helped me clarify and define my challenges and then helped me formulate and follow through on solutions to those. I cannot speak highly enough of her insight and intelligence, her compassion and empathy which made me feel like I had a master mind partner, sounding board and coach in succeeding! KC is a gift, a smart investment and a welcome oasis in today's busy, demanding world.”

Cynthia Ivie, Master Simplifier(R) and Owner, White Space, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.


You’ve come to the right place! From CEOs, Board Presidents
and top executives to HR Directors, middle managers and staff
teams, we are ready to provide decades of experience, tools,
skills and resources to assist you and/or your company. We will
help you make money and save money and move forward in a
powerful, positive way. Our innovative Coaching, Consulting and
Training company, called Happiness Is... is based in beautiful Southern New Hampshire and serves serves clients worldwide.


"KC is the most natural Coach, Publicist (and Voice Actor!) I have ever met. She effuses energy and has an instinctive and powerful intellect. She is a delight to work with and a powerhouse of productivity. If you need to push past an obstacle to reach a dream, you need KC right there with you. She will not give up on your goals and she will not let you give up either. Likewise, if you want phenomenal PR, KC will get the word out about you or your business faster than you can say publicity. KC is an outstanding marketing and PR consultant. She has a wealth of ideas and continually amazes me with her unbelievable creativity and ability to get national press. She's truly a dynamo. Not only is she a pro at what she does, but she is also a joy to work with. I walk away from my meetings with KC re-energized and inspired every time."

Deirdre McEachern, Owner, VIP Coaching, Maine 

Our clients range from entrepreneurs, experts, authors,
small businesses and large companies, to hospitals,
government departments, state agencies, schools,
universities, nonprofit organizations, groups, service clubs,
assisted living facilities, senior centers and communities.


"We find great value in the services that Coach KC provides. I believe her services to be the best personalized, hands on, cost-effective approach to ensuring I am doing everything possible to ensure the success of my business."
Sincerely, Tami L. Esty, Owner / President,
Thee Privileged Pet

Phone coaching and consulting sessions are very popular. We will call all US and Canadian clients so there is no long-distance charge.

Karen (KC) Christensen and her team will travel to the client's site as needed.


“KC!! Thank you very much for all the wonderful advice you gave my staff and me, and for a very fun and enlightening experience at the retreat! Based on the feedback I received from my staff, it was a huge success. You were awesome! Look forward to working with you again in the not-so-distant future. Thanks again! "

Kofi Fynn-Aikins, Ph.D. Chief, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lower Great Lakes Fishery Resources Office, Amherst, New York


If you want honesty, integrity, kick-in-the butt
motivation, support, good humor, accountability
and professionalism, then we are here for you!


“I am the past President of a Division (three locations, three countries and 400 employees) of a multi-national British PLC ($8+ Billion total sales). As the current President of an acoustical component manufacturer employing over 100 people, I have found my Executive Success Coach KC to be extremely helpful working though a wide variety of issues.

Her ability to understand my needs, ask probing and on the mark questions, has helped me to better identify the critical issues and see new opportunities for their resolution. She does this while being very supportive of me as a person. The combination of her skills has helped me weather some difficult times and be a more effective leader in the process. I look forward to our coaching sessions. I always come away feeling energized and have a good “to do list” in hand. I can’t say enough about how KC has helped me. I recommend KC to any executive who is looking to build a success team."

Donald N. Sweet, President, Tibbetts Industries Inc. Camden, ME


Our customized services include:

  • Private phone coaching or in person at your company site

  • Group coaching for staff members, managers and Board

  • Staff Support including: training, team-building, employee morale, annual reviews, evaluations, staff meetings, retreats, ongoing coaching

  • Building skills including: sales, customer service, networking, marketing, working a room, writing, time management, organization, trade show presentation, public speaking, etc

  • PR Consulting, publicity and promotion services

  • Workshops and seminars designed to work with your company goal and mission

  • Managerial, Staff and Board Retreats

  • Stress reduction programs

  • Conference Breakout sessions and workshops

  • Keynote speeches

“KC, I appreciate the way you have facilitated the opening of communications and look forward to our quarterly updates as you can be our “boot in the butt” to keep us focused on the managerial portion of our company. Thanks again.”

Jim Harrison, Co-Owner, Cole Harrison Insurance