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A trained Executive Success Coach, one of the services Karen (KC) Christensen offers is motivational success coaching to personal and business clients world-wide who wish to do everything from accomplish goals faster, work smarter not harder, develop skills, achieve more focus, balance and quality in their lives to reduce stress, get organized, find their passion, change careers, start a business or handle a life change.


"KC provides a unique insightfulness and straight forward approach to individual and group topics. She provides recommendations and suggestions on how to approach various issues/challenges/goals which many not have been considered or may have been over looked. She has the ability to establish a trusting, non-threatening relationship with individuals and groups while working to achieve specific goals. Her independent, nonpartisan views and participation have been a benefit to our Program and moved us forward in a positive direction."
Jeffrey L. Underwood, Deputy Assistant Regional Director
Ecological Services; Northeast Region
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Hadley, MA



* Help people set better goals and then reach those goals.
* Ask their clients to do more than they would have done on their own.
* Focus their clients better to more quickly produce results.
* Provide the tools, support and structure to accomplish more.


"KC is not only a superb professional Success Coach but has become an important part of my life support for the last couple of years. As a Coach, she probes, listens and offers constructive insight and advice.

During our coaching sessions, she has helped me to identify and clarify my goals. KC truly wants you to win at whatever you are trying to accomplish. She has helped me during difficult situations by helping me put the problems into perspective and she supports you when you have to make those difficult decisions. She asks the questions and helps you find the answers.

I have come to realize that my professional and personal growth has accelerated at warp speed since I have been working with KC as my Success Coach.

At the end of each session, I feel enlightened and enriched and am very grateful for the time I spend with KC. Afterwards, I am ready to participate in the game of life. You can depend upon KC as your Coach because she will always be there to support you.

My partners and I have also hired her to assist our company with employee evaluations, planned and conduct our company retreat day, helped us with our strategic planning and exit strategy for our owners, etc. Throughout the entire process, she was professional, positive, enthusiastic, innovative and very helpful. A pleasure to work with on all counts. I highly recommend her coaching services." 

Sincerely, Phil Kimball, Owner/Broker ReMax Realty One, Maine



Finding balance
- How to balance their very hectic work life with their home/family/personal life is a big one. Many business people are working long hours, they are very busy/exhausted with little time for their families or personal goals.

Stress Management - Many have high-stressed jobs/lives how to reduce stress, avoid burn-out, and put work issues into perspective; work hard, play hard, get a lot done, yet still enjoy the work. Happy employees are productive ones.

Self-care - Needing reassurance, encouragement and helpful hints on how to focus on themselves for a change and that giving time for yourself and your goals/dreams/hobbies is not selfish, but important self care. Especially women, single parents and caregivers look for this.

Fulfilling career - People want to be fulfilled, appreciated, recognized, respected and happy with their career choice and many are leaving their long-time dead-end jobs to follow their passion, find a new position in new company or follow a dream, become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

"KC is an enthusiastic, results-driven Coach with a proven track record of success. Her joyful approach to life is contagious! Her creativity and marketing savvy could benefit any potential business owner. I highly recommend KC as a life and business coach."
Christy Donner, Vice President, The Coach Connection, Florida



Quality training
- Employee morale and retention, high turnover and layoffs are issues facing companies and training or positive programs to retain, inspire and motivate employees is something they are seeking.

Customer Service - Also attracting and keeping customers is crucial to a company's success so clients are asking for coaching and training to give their staff skills in Exemplary Customer Service, relationship-building, Public Relations, how to network, etc.

New Skills - or polishing ones they have like a nervous CEO who is increasing his visibility may need to hone his public speaking skills or get rid of stage fright, a new manager may need to polish up her leadership/teambuilding skills before she starts her new position, a conservative public official may need work on presenting his program/policy to citizens in friendly, down-to-earth way, etc.

New Business - Support, training, coaching in the basics of a startup or a change/movement within a company - adding or changing a new department within a company or starting a new entrepreneurial business; administration, hiring, staff relations, promotion, PR, marketing, development, getting customers, etc.


The one priority the Coach has is YOU! Their only focus is your success and happiness whatever YOU define that to be. Having a coach is like having a best friend without an ego, a confidential sounding board, a personal development trainer, a respected colleague with no agenda and your own cheerleader rolled into one!

Champion athletes have always benefited from having a top-notch sports coach and in the past decade, Executive Coaches have become popular in corporations. Now more people are realizing that in “the game of life,” your own Coach can propel you to new heights. Famed TV host, Oprah Winfrey, Star Athletes Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan and Bestselling Author SARK are examples of four highly successful individuals who have had their own Professional Life Coach.

“KC - WOW! I feel awesome! It felt so good to purge in a safe environment. It was draining me. Sucking the living life out of me! Thanks so much. You were the very first item on my gratitude list! Thanks for everything!”

~ Coaching Client, Berwick Maine ~



"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process." John Russell, Managing Director, Harley Davidson Europe

Coaching focuses on your present and future. This is not counseling or therapy. It’s an interactive, confidential partnership to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Professional coaches provide encouragement, inspiration and resources to empower their clients. It is so rewarding to work with my clients as they grow and achieve fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. With close to 200 hours of advanced coaching training from Coach University, KC provides support to enhance the skills and creativity that the client already has, clarify their vision of success, explore possibilities, determine next steps based on their own priorities and values and help them move forward into positive action.


"What an exhilarating experience that was for me during our coaching session! I'm sooo good at putting on the "should face" and you were able to see the real me inside. Thank you from my heart, KC!" - Leslie from NH


The Executive Mastermind Action Coaching Group: (In person or phone):

Geared for successful business owners, these groups will be fast-paced, powerful, succinct, confidential and fun. Join other executives in non-competing industries to share ideas and resources in management, marketing, customer service, time management, employee training and anything else that you need help, support and feedback in order to run a thriving business. Each member will also receive a private coaching session with Karen. Contact us for more details.


"I needed perspective because I was scattered in so many directions. I was taking too much work home and not spending enough time with my family. My coach, KC enlightens me and helped me learn how to say no when I had to and prioritize what was important. Coaching has brought calm to my life...I can't imagine not doing this; it's a life investment." Jean Benda, Executive Assistant to the President, Maine



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“KC provided professional coaching to me in the areas of clarifying my goals and articulating my services to the marketplace. Our work helped me identify roadblocks to success. Once identified; I was able to acknowledge them, exercise "choice" to move forward and more easily plot a future course of action. KC listened deeply to what I said and what I didn't say. Finally, she challenged me to "get out of my own way". Today, I am living and working on my own terms!”
Sean Clancy, President, Leverage Coaching and Consulting