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We will gladly work with you, your HR Dept or top managers to work with your staff. Examples of what we can assist you with include:

  • Confidential staff surveys and follow-up Report to find out what your staff is really thinking

  • Employee Evaluations and annual reviews

  • One-on-one coaching sessions for employees and managers

  • Group coaching

  • Planning, agendas and leading staff meetings

  • Board and staff retreats

  • Team-building exercises

  • Follow-up reports

  • Ongoing coaching for key employees or entire company

“KC: As a follow-up to your help with staff evaluations, employee coaching sessions, and helping to lead the company meeting...this was and will continue to be a beneficial exercise in organizational and individual awareness that’ll benefit the company and the person. I feel strongly about re-visiting the subjects periodically to stay in tune. Thanks again.”  Jeff Cole, Co-Owner, Cole Harrison Insurance


Staff Retention; employees feel listened to and supported. Absenteeism is down when staff is happy.

Staff Recruitment; people want to work where staff is happy...and employees talk to their colleagues and friends about their positive work environment

Increased productivity and efficiency when we coach your employees in these areas.

"The fact that the employees now realize the issues and are dealing with them up front is far better than letting things fester as they did before. I'm pleased with the progress we've all made thanks to you."  Bob Foley, Manager , Cole Harrison Insurance


“Thank you for providing us the opportunity to share our concerns. It was much needed. I do see positive changes in our work environment now.”

“ We were allowed to speak freely and I appreciated the managers allowing us this opportunity. “

“ I finally feel listened to.”

“ It was great to get these things off my chest."

“They asked for our feedback and I feel more hopeful…thanks”

“Thank you for coming to meet with me during our coaching session. Our meeting was very helpful. I have now talked with the manager and we have made training plans for the future that sound really great to me. Also, thank you for the reminder to keep joy in our lives. I am looking forward to your help in the transition to improved communication here at the agency.”


“KC is a vibrant, high energy, positive person that everybody wants to be associated with. Her business and organizational skills and experience were extremely helpful to me as I began my first year as a sales manager.” Chad Liston, Agency Sales Director, MetLife 2007